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Nearby Attractions

ASA Wright Nature Centre

The ASA Wright Nature Center was established in 1967 for the protection of wildlife by a group of naturalists and bird-watching enthusiast.

Pitch Lake

Visit one of Trinidad's natural resource wonders.  A pitch (tar) lake that naturally rises from the earth producing a lake that Trinidad has been able to use as one of its greatest resources.

North Coast Road

Take a drive along the scenic North Coast Road. Beginning with look-out point near Maracas Bay, delicious dishes and local attractions await you.  

Caroni Bird Sanctuary

A bird watchers paradise, the Caroni Bird Sanctuary is one of Trinidad's finest reserves showing the diversity of birds within the tropical rain forests of Trinidad. 

Port of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago's capital is known as home of the widely celebrated Carnival. It is one of the most metropolitan cities in the Caribbean. Spend your day exploring its history and shopping and your evening enthralled by its exciting nightlife.

Emperor Valley Zoo

Experience animals from around the world, and experience the uniqueness of animals exclusive to the tropical rain forests of Trinidad and its Caribbean and South American neighbors.


 In addition to being a metropolis and business center in the Caribean,  Trinidad is filled with beautiful beaches from throughout the country.  Just to name a few, some of the most popular beaches are: 


North Western coast: Maracas Bay, Las Cuevas Bay, and Macquarie Bay

North Eastern coast: Grande Rivière, Saline (“Sally”) Bay, and Balandra Bay

Southeastern coast: Manzanilla and Mayaro beaches

Explorer Packages

Looking to explore Trinidad? No matter your scene we'll get you door-to-door with our transportation packages. Please consult with our booking agent for more information.

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