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Bed & Breakfast


Home is a cherished space.

Here at Crosswinds, we understand that.


Our patriarch, Joe Lendor is one of the pioneers of the steel pan instrument.  Joe was best known for his band Crosswinds, which won the first national steel pan competition in Trinidad.  Granted an opportunity through his instrument, in 1966 Joe Lendor made the difficult decision to leave his beloved Trinidad for the United States. His motivation? To create better opportunities for his wife, Grace, and his children. 


The journey, though filled with difficulties, laid the foundation for all of Grace & Joe's children to grow into professional careers. Upon their retirement, after more than thirty-years away from home, Joe and Grace returned to Trinidad to begin anew.


Crosswinds Villa Bed and Breakfast was a collective endeavor officially established in 2003 by Grace, Joe, and all of their children. 


However, Crosswinds is more than an establishment or business:


This is our home. 

Let us welcome you into it. 

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