Pre- Carnival: The Pan Yards

(January 8th - February 7th)

Tour the pan-yards of Trinidad, the proud home of the Steel Pan, the only instrument created in the 20th century.  Observe as Steel bands practice centers prepare to compete in the ultimate contest for the best band of the year - the Trinidad and Tobago Panorama Contest.   

Pre - Christmas Parang

(December 1st - December 31st)

Experience the latin musical influence within the Christmas season of Trinidad.  Tradition finds english-speaking locals singing songs in spanish and english with a spanish flare travelling from house to house, community to community.

Mango Lovers Dream

(July 1st - August 30th)

Join us during our growing season! Our local chef will show you authentic recipes including Mango Chutney, Mango curry, Mango Bread, & Mango Chow etc. Take a tour of mango orchards and sample the best the tropical belt has to offer.


Spring Events

(March 21st - June 1st)

Immerse yourself in local culture with various events such as Holi, Arrival Day, Easter, Mother's Day & More. Local events can be found by checking out the Tourism Board's Calendar of Events linked above. 


Bask in Relaxation or Discover The Fete Origins


In addition to being a soothing tropical paradise, Trinidad is world renowned for arguably

the largest and most celebrated party, or fete, in the world- Carnival!


The rest of the year in Sweet T&T may seem more mellow by comparison, but the truth is the party never truly ends.

We offer the perfect escape, whether you seek the fete or seek time away from the stress of life...

You have already arrived!

Summer Events

(June - September)

Engage with locals, or sunbathe on our gorgeous coasts. Summer is truly the time to explore the eco-wonders of Trinidad & Tobago. Local events can be found by checking out the Tourism Board's Calendar of Events linked above.